« The harmony of the invisible is stronger than the harmony of the visible” Heraclite (V century BC)

My electronic microscope is a spaceship. It beams me up in another dimension, lands on a tiny ant, and turns it into a huge planet that I can explore for hours – and I never meet the same landscape twice. Astronauts at NASA have dubbed me “Micronaut”. My photographs try to convey my respect and my wonderment of this concealed and largely unknown life.

Will they be able to reveal some of the mysteries of Nature? Just what is Nature up to when it covers the chest of some anonymous little insect with lace, or carves a Greek column into the silky marble of a spider’s thread?

I dropped experimental science in order to dedicate myself to contemplative biology. There, I observe, like in a laboratory, but do not intervene. Attentive, I remain ready to be moved and to ask myself: why is the Invisible…beautiful? In this universe of the infinitely small, natural light can not sneak in…

Enlarged to the same scale, a man could be hundreds of kilometers tall . However, this world is neither imaginary nor theoretical, this world is ours.

Through these photographs, right before our eyes, the Invisible…bestows its charms.
To contemplate the inaccessible, it is no longer a vision, but an initiation…